Our Top-Recommended Cloud Based Access Control System

by Zak Lenik



We recently did a smart cloud-based access control system installed on a Pine St building in New York City.


We used Brivo, which brings an altered method to access control – its goal is to reduce hardware and operate the software from the cloud. This system is attractive and you can manage the system from your smartphone device.


If I leave my keys (or wallet) at home, or at my desk, the Brivo app on my phone gets me right in.



Workers can download the Brivo Onair Pass app, which allows them to press a button to unlock any door they’re authorized to have access to. The app interconnects to a database (stored in the cloud), which sends an encrypted signal to the door controller, opening the door.



Onair Pass is Brivo’s main product, but you can incorporate it with other security methods, such as security cameras and biometrics, through Brivo’s certified partner system. You can also use Brivo’s door locks along with old-style door readers and credentials from other businesses. Just as and we’d be happy to design your system.



The corporation does not offer a managed access service, meaning Brivo won’t handle the security management and surveillance of your system. But don’t worry, that is what we do best.



If you are interested in more information on how to get Brivo setup in your building, please give us a call at 1-888-427-4462.