7 Reasons Why Your Building Needs an IP Intercom

by Zak Lenik

An IP intercom system offers numerous essential benefits over an analog system. An IP system basically uses your existing IP network, such as the internet, rather than concentrating on an analog system that necessitates heavy cabling and installation. There are rewards beyond this, so let’s get started:


Video Intercom

The right video intercom system can concurrently call several residents or a single resident by an assortment of approaches. These techniques include direct telephone dialing, mobile-app calling, and calling to one or more resident displays.

Residents using a connected mobile app can share their own live video stream when responding, providing real-time face-to-face audio/video communications.

Maintenance Alerts

Building managers can opt to get alerts notifying them of any crucial maintenance needed.

Virtual Keys for Guests

Arrival stations can detect programmable resident and visitor QR codes in order to award access.

Programmable Door-Release

With the right IP intercom system up to 256 programmable relays can be programmed to trigger up to 3 different door-release activities.

Event Logs

All system action is logged along with names and a photo.

Remote Web Management

Building managers can make alterations to system settings from virtually any web-enabled device, even a mobile phone.

Elevator Controls

Integrate the perfect IP intercom with your elevator system to ensure maximum safety for resident/visitor access.

When looking for the perfect IP intercom system make sure it integrates with your existing analog systems!

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